How Wide is Your Rack Foot Position?

For both the snatch and clean and jerk. I think I’ve been going too narrow lately on my full lifts and it causing some ‘tendinitis’/really tender areas in my upper quad/adductor area. Its getting to be really, really nasty and effecting my training.

I notice when I power snatch, my feet shoot out to about shoulder width, but when I snatch my receiving position is a lot narrower. I’ve been staying well under my power variation weights for the full lifts to try and drill quality technique and I may be getting away with an artificially narrow stance that won’t happen when the weight gets heavy.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Snatch, a bit wider then shoulder width

Clean, a bit wider then shoulder width

PS, a bit wider then shoulder width

PC, a bit wider then shoulder width

Jerks, a bit wider then shoulder width

If you go too wide in the PS and PC WHEN you DON’T DO this on your Snatch and Clean, your going wider to compensate for the lack of height on the bar with it being heavier.

Move your feet out till it’s comfy for you. It doesn’t seem that the narrow thing is good for you. Very few guys go narrow, but they just like it. Most are about shoulder width or so.