How Wide Do You Squat?

I’m about 6ft 1, and have started squatting with a stance about an inch, either side, wider than my shoulder with. The reason being I have been having trouble hitting depth recently. I also come back from an ankle injury just before Christmas.

I’ve only been lifting properly about a year, and Iâ??m starting to not look forward to squat days - which doesn’t help at all as it fucks up my confidence.

Anyone else who is a similar height squatting with a similar stance?

yeh, i find it’s mobility that messes me up, just work the crap out of ankle and hip mobility

im 6’ and i squat way wider than you - my ankles are at the very least 3-4’’ far away from my shoulders on either side. i feel more balance that way and i can also squat as deep as i desire (low bar)

i dont get what exactly your prob is, tho. is it just hitting depth? if so, just do whatever stance you like and load the bar slowly. the mobility will come by itself