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How/Where Did You Meet Your Significant Other?


For those of you who are married or in a long term relationship, how/where did you meet your significant other?


First significant SO wandered into my Fraternity house.

Met the second significant SO on a blind date.


A friend at the time was sharing accomodation with her and we kinda hit it off.

Upon reflection, I believe that friend was actually some form of demon and the entire thing was setup as part of some karma system where I am to be punished for my sins in a former life.


I spotted my fiance at my godfather’s funeral…Our folks are friends, but I’d never met her before. Folks started talking and informally introduced us to each other. A week later I called and asked her if she’d like to get a drink. She said ‘Yes’ because she thought it’d be a good laugh for her and her friends…Who’s laughing now? :laughing:


Met 1st one at 6th grade party. Reconnected after law school. Disconnected when she died 30 years later.

Met 2nd one at party 11 months post funeral. At dinner about a week later we talked for 4 hours. I eventually noticed the restaurant staff all lined up across the room staring at us so we left. No regrets after 7 years. Fantastic woman. I call her my trophy wife and she hates it. Love it.


8th grade English class.


Summer camp.


I was drunk at my roommates show. He played at bars around the state. I drank too much, so he gave me a ride. We stopped at his friends place and had a few while hanging out on their porch. My future wife arrived and we absolutely didn’t hit it off. 3 months later we were dating.


I saw my husband for the first time at the very first PL meet I competed in September 2008. We didn’t talk but he caught my eye. I ran into him again when I went to train at the club he belonged to. I was in the rack and our eyes locked… That was the summer of 2009. We married October 2012. We just bought a reverse hyper for our home gym for a couple Christmas gift. Cue violins and flowers :smile:


Yoga studio. Was at home visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, she was doing the same, we both took a yoga class on Thanksgiving morning, I asked if she wanted to go out and have a drink later that weekend while we were both at home. That started a long-distance relationship that took us across three states and three years when I popped the question. Married for just over a year now.


Did you get indications of interest from her or did you just randomly start a conversation with her because she happened to be near you and you found her attractive?


Met her through my flatmate at the time, who was/is a friend of her’s. After we met but before we got into a relationship we had the same part-time job as students. Been together for about six years, will be married in about eleven months.


Family Friends.

Our grandfathers were friends. Our parents are friends.

We use to live in NYC together when we were young and when my family moved us to Seattle her family moved out to Denver.

We reconnected like 6 years ago via FB.

2 years ago, I decided I really wanted her to be my wife. Next thing you knew I moved to Denver to come get my wife lol. Got married in June.


County fair. She was new to the school our freshman year of high school and we were paired up by this annoying bitch my friend dated. I thank her subconsciously everyday for doing so, but still.


At work. She was the hottest blonde. I was the most jacked dude. Kismet!


Met at the dojo. Helped her train for her black belt test which she got and I never did, so technically she will outrank me forever. Together 15+ years, married almost 7 months.


Truth be told, I was not thinking of it as a “date” when I first asked. I have been out of my hometown for a good while, so there aren’t many people other than family that I “need” to see when I’m at home for a few days other than family. I already had a bunch of family stuff planned on Thursday and Friday, and I think my parents had some other thing to do that Saturday night, so I just kinda wanted something to do, and figured I may as well ask someone that looked my age to do something. Around the time that I picked up the check for dinner, I was pretty sure that it had turned into a date.

It’s funny, in some settings I am on the shy side, but others I’m happy to just throw out there “Hey, wanna do something?”


I’m giving this post my patented 5 likes, 3 snaps, and a twirl. (patent pending, #In Living Color)


Met at a bar while on summer break from college. I was with my roommate, and she was catching up with friends. My roommate was always the “icebreaker”, and I was the wingman. He’d chat up every one of them as they passed our table to get drinks. There was just something about her. When she came to tell us goodbye (the only one of her group to do so), my roommate suggested I get her number. I walked (quickly) out the door and literally chased her down the block to calmly and coolly ask for her number. As this was before cell phones and LONG before social media, she had to dig in her purse to find a scrap of paper and pen; she wrote her number down and kissed me on the cheek when she handed it to me. We could talk on the phone for hours, but it took a full month before she actually went on a date with me. We dated for a year and have been married for 26. I tell her (and anyone else who cares to hear it) that she was God’s plan for my life.


I was a assistant manager for a grocery that was cross the street from a college where she attended on a track scholarship. She would come in after practice in her little tight track shorts and I was hooked! , Damn!
We talked a lot at the store about track( I ran in high school). She invited me to a meet at the school. Even tough she got 2nd in that race I was all too happy to console her for her loss. Dated for 5 years, been married for 30.