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How/When to Take 40mg of Anavar Daily?


I just want like times and things to eat with it. I would be working out around 4pm. I have 10 mg tabs.


20mg am

20mg pre workout

or 10 20 10

Id go with the first




I forgot that youre a runner. If you find the back and calf pumps to be too much than you may have to scratch the pre workout dose.


Bonez is 40mg a decent dose for cutting for a 240lb guy? I've never taken var but I'm thinking of running it last 5 weeks. sh!ts expensive!


my bad let me retract and rephrase that question..what is a decent dose for a 240lb guy? I'm already seeing a lot of definition on test and eq, super clean diet. I was thinking 50-60mg should be a nice addition to a gram of test. I'm a novice with oral AAS, liver values are a little high, I'm wondering if I should should just abandon the idea.

any input/opinion is much appreciated. and sorry for hijacking the thread.


I think 60mg is a minimum dose for physique enhancement. Regarding the liver values, thats a choice you need to make.


wow that can get costly very fast


yeah thanks haha