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How “Wet” is Anadrol?

There are people that say anadrol works wonders for a lean bulk yet others will say it makes them a balloon… I’m curious what others have experienced. I have a hunch that its not as wet as people say, and the latter anecdote is from peoples anadrol actually being DBol

I’ve never tried anadrol, but was planning on giving it a run next year. Anecdotally, I suspect you’re correct in that it is not supposed to be wet like dbol. I know it pulls a lot of water and glycogen into the muscles and blows them up, but it’s not bloat, it’s more cosmetic.

This was my experience on it. 50mg daily upset my stomach like crazy the first week, but I noticed a ‘swole’ look after that while taking it. 30 days only, during a 10 weeks Sust cycle. My first cycle ever, actually. I liked it