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How Weight Training Helped Me In Football

In grade 11 i was a 5’9" 145 pounds safety. In the summer going into gr. 11 I ran a 4.9, benched 155 pounds and squatted 205 pounds and I never worked out. And my laziness in the gym transmitted to me getting nothing but garbage time in games. So I made it my goal for gr. 12 to start every game and be the best I can be. I worked out 4x a week on upper body, lower body, core and plyometrics. When I went into my second testing a year later I weighed 163 pounds. Benched 235x1 ran a 4.68 and squatted 335 poundsx5. The coaches were also surprised by how hard I could hit and put me at linebacker. The work I put into the weight room made me the best I can be and I achieved all my goals because of it. Thank god for the weight room.

Here’s a link to my senior season highlight tape. check it out

Congrats :slight_smile: I wish I found weightlifting in high school as well. I started weightlifting in my 30s and feeling great too.

Cool story bro