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How We Train Down at the EPC


Hey all,

Long time lurker, first time poster here!

We're a part of a new training center down in Canberra, AUS, and we've put together a training montage of what we do down under for you all to enjoy. We have two guys in the crew that have done internships at DeFrancos and at Westside Barbell within the past year and, coupled with their own lifting and training methods, have started a new training center, aimed at bridging the massive gap here in Aus with all forms of power-based sports.

We run groups through sessions throughout the week, with some specializing in conjugate method and some with athletic performance in mind. The two different methods, whilst being different in may ways, share a lot of similarities in which they merge the relationship of advanced functional strength as well as athletic performance to achieve various lifting and sporting goals. The boys noticed a large gap here in Australian sport over a year ago, and have since gained all the tools to start an elite training center to lift as many athletes to their highest potential.

All the boys are drug free, raw lifters and have all posted totals, and numerous records, within registered federations here in Australia.

We plan on using this training log to share our videos and training milestones for you all to enjoy and comment on as you see fit!



Hey mate, post your gym up in our directory here: http://prorawpowerlifting.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=gyms

Impressive setup you've got going on there.


No problem mate,

Have made an account and posted :slight_smile: