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How Vain Are You?


I catch myself flexing my bicep at my desk pretty frequently. I never show off to other people though.

How vain are you?

Does bodybuilding and vanity go hand in hand?


Not very ... at least in my own mind

and to answer your question: Bodybuilding and vanity DO go hand in hand. Think about it, it's a sport/hobby/lifestyle that to be a part of it you HAVE to be fully aware of your appearance.


I think if you're a bodybuilder and you're not flexing in the mirror, something is probably wrong with you. However, when people catch you doing it at your desk they'll probably think you're a huge toolbag.

But yeah, I think bodybuilding is a somewhat vain sport.


can't walk by a mirror without checkin myself out.

I don't go around flexing though, that's saved for home


We probably think this thread is about us!


Well, I'm a toolbag too then... ha ha. I do that shit all the time at my desk.

Especially when I'm at home. When the wife catches me she always gives me a hard time. "I thought you were up here masturbating, nope just flexing like a loser. Gonna kiss your biceps now too?"

"nO honey, I'm evaluating my progress."

"No your beating off, just without the happy ending." Kisses her arms as she walks out.

EDITED: alone to at home.


LOL. My GF always catches me flexing in the mirror, and for some reason I always feel guilty about it like I'm some sort of narcissist.


I walk around sometimes with the family and flex my arm and ask "does this look swollen to you?"...


I sit at my office and lift up my shirt and flex my abs to see if I can see them yet..... lol

I wouldn't say that I am vain though.


I sit at my office and lift up my shirt and flex my abs to see if I can see them yet..... lol

I wouldn't say that I am vain though.


Hells yeah I feel guilty like a homo too. So weird. I do all this work, and feel ashamed to look at it...

I wonder if I would feel guilty if she actually caught me spanking it... hmmm


Wow! I wish I worked at your office:)


Haha! I am constantly playing with my arms and my abs at my desk. I walked in on a woman in my office checking her abs out in the mirror lol. She was embarrassed. But she had nice abs though!

I think I'm pretty vain now but I never used to be. It is good and bad I suppose. I try to hide my vanity IRL. Not so much around here. I think I used to be more comfortable in my own skin when I was sure that no one was looking.




I do this all the time, sometimes in meetings, and in the class room. Like I am in my own world, I'll just pull up my sleeve and flex.

Just like last night, I was bowling and I was thinking how the last time I did curls I really felt a good pump. Next thing I know I am sitting in the middle of about eight people just flexing away for no other reason to please my self. Not aware that it was my turn to bowl.

I did the abs thing one time I was in a meeting, I had three piece suit on. Just shows how out of it I can get.

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P.S. Sometimes I rub my nipples through my shirt in public because it feels good.


I'm vain when it's just me, but very shy with other people. I get embarrassed when people talk about my arms or something.

Even though I'm in better shape then all of my friends, i feel weird about taking my shirt off at the beach or at the pool around them, it's like I don't want them to feel bad about themselves...

That's really very vain isn't it?


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I know this frog is judging me for being so vain!




I find myself flexing my forearms all the time. I like seeing the veins and the definition.

Yeah ok. Maybe I am a little vain.


are you kidding? you're so vain you posted it twice.