How Trustworthy is the MSM?

In the Russia-Trump thread there are a couple of posters who consider the MSM trustworthy.

So I ask: do posters here consider the MSM trustworthy overall? Why or why not?

Example here

Like I said: The ubiquity of this opinion has no bearing on whether it is true. Thus, it’s ironic that you would create a post the purpose of which is to count noses on the issue.

At any rate, here is the origin of the ‘liberal media bias’ meme:

And here’s a Columbia Journalism Review article on the MRC:

I believe that they publish and broadcast things that people want to watch. Their success in doing this is very high and long standing.

If I want to find out what people want to see all I have to do is turn on any of the cable news channels. Therefore they are very trustworthy.

You just have to distinguish the difference between “true” and “what people want to see”. They are not always the same.

Television and written media are not in the truth business, although they do sometimes coincide.

Cspan is pretty straightforward, but who in the hell watches that?


There’s been studies done and it shows the media is overwhelmingly liberally biased

And there have been studies showing they are not:

And the work of the author of the study you cite has been criticized:

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Fairly trustworthy. But it all depends on how you define “media”. If it’s media offering opinion, analysis, editorializing, or viewpoints, there’s nothing to complain about if there is a bias. If there is straight news reporting that is shown to be biased, that’s a problem.

I asked this (rhetorically) recently - I hear tons of whining from right-winfers about “liberal” MSM, but they don’t cry about how overwhelmingly “conservative” talk radio is. Why?

Show me bias that impacts straight news reporting and I’ll get interested. If you’re whining because there are ten “liberal” news organizations (liberal because they editorialize with a liberal slant) and one “conservative” one, that’s not a legitimate complaint.

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They are in it for the ratings, so they may slant news stories or choose special interest pieces that have the best chance of increasing viewership. If, as many claim, they are taking up lying and pushing an ultra liberal agenda that only a small faction of viewers are interested in hearing, this would be a terrible business model and they would lose viewers and money. Also, the Headlines of articles are not made by the writer of the piece, but by an editor hoping to maximize clicks. In this day and age, many only read the headline (or post it here to back a claim they’re making), when the article itself has a much different emphasis.

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CNN is heavily biased, right?

Until Trump ditches on a debate hosted by Fox and decides to hold a fundraiser for disabled veterans.

Because everybody wanted to see it.

It is the news business, not the news service. The business is attracting viewers to sell ads. I think that makes it both trustworthy and untrustworthy at the same time.

With that in mind, I don’t find it all too surprising that biased people cook up biased shows to attract biased viewers. The niches that are there will tend to get filled.

Is something more nefarious than that going on?

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My father used to tell me, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

A lot of what MSM does (Fox included) is not news.

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You say this and then you post a link to Wikipedia. The world rending irony. “Truth by consensus.”

I have no dog in this hunt as I distrust everyone. I just found that very funny. Dumb sense of humor I guess.

The editorial boards and articles that some of the most respected papers cover are overwhelmingly liberal (NYT). But they are located in urban liberal cities… give the people what they want eh?

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This is what always confused me. Are people upset that the majority of news networks are liberal because the majority of America is liberal, or vice versa? Either way, a lot of blame gets thrown at the media when it’s 100% the American people’s fault when they’re “biased” etcetcetc.

Is it Kim Kardashian’s fault that she’s making money producing a garbage show because people will watch it, or is it the viewers fault for continuing to tune in and feed the beast? If the American people WANTED “unbiased media”, they’d show as much with their view time.

I’ll never understand the people that don’t understand the media is a mesh of businesses, and businesses cater to the common denominator.

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Everyone in the media has a bias. They will pick and choose stories that fit their view point. For this reason I don’t trust them.

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72% Of Young Americans Say Media Has Declared Trump Guilty of Russian Collusion Without Evidence

This thread could be a good landing spot for debunked news stories.

I bet we’d have a ton of examples if people started keeping track

For the record one of things that ignited my path from leftist to far right was the fake news pushed during the Trayvon Martin trial. I never realized how much the MSM are liars

It’s hard to feel bad for someone that killed an unarmed kid. I also don’t feel bad that the media was spinning OJ in a negative light.