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How TRT Has Affected Your Mood


The main reason why I want to treat my low T with TRT would be to help alleviate my social anxiety/depression/lethargy feeling. Many studies show how increasing T levels helps and improves the mental state. Obviously this alone will not fix all the issues but I believe it can help...CAN ANY OF YOU ON TRT SEE A IMPROVEMENT ON MOOD/ANXIETY/DEPRESSION? Any testimonial would be appreciated....








TRT has definitely had a positive effect on my mood. It's easy to feel mentally spent when it's a struggle to get out of bed every day. Now that I'm not crippled by fatigue, I'm a much happier guy. It hasn't turned me into a different person or anything, I'm just less likely to be in a shitty mood and take it out on other people.

I also had a mild/moderate case of anxiety that had been controlled via low dose SSRI for many years. Within a few months of being on the right TRT protocol for me, I was able to successfully ditch the SSRI without issue.


TRT has had very positive effects on my mood overall. I'm more social, less tired and in a better mood 90% of the time.

I have noticed that there is a three to four hour window almost exactly 48 hours after my shot that I need to be alert for over-reacting to certain situations. I do injections twice per week so I know to slow down and pay attention twice per week for a few hours. I have no idea why this is but it's not an inconvenience that comes close to offsetting the overall mood enhancements.


I am guessing it might be from temporarily and slightly supraphysiological levels.

When I got up to a supraphysiological level on 10 grams of Androgel a few years, I just knew something was wrong; hence why I went to the doc earlier than my scheduled quarterly visit. Lo and behold my T value was 1300 ng/dl. I felt great in the gym, but felt like I was an emotional basketcase.


There are positive effects with HRT done right * and similar if low thyroid function is resolved. TRT against low thyroid function or hypothyroidism will not produce the desired benefits.

  • E2 needs to be in the lower 20's and for most, that requires anastrozole. T levels need to be steady, injecting at least twice a week.


My mood improved when I used gels, and then it improved even more since using testosterone cypionate shots.


With higher range T and E2 in mid 20s my mood is definitely more stable. Def less "moody". I just let the small stuff roll off of me.

However, I've noticed I have less talorence for people's bullshit and I am much quicker to flip the mirror around and let them see what they need to see.

Also, some emotional detachment is noticeable. But I kind of like it. Way less stress it seems this way.


Great info.......its refreshing to see guys getting good results.


What you are describing is exactly what I read in a article describing men with " higher" testosterone. Less bullshit ....



" We do not assume that testosterone is a mechanism in and of itself that
causes or creates behavior. Instead, we assume that testosterone increases
the likelihood that certain behaviors will be expressed, if the propensity for
that behavior already exists, and the expression of that behavior is consistent
with social contextual demands. Characteristics of the social landscape permit,
stimulate, suppress or set the stage for the expression of specific testosterone-
behavior relationships."

" The largest study of the link between testosterone and depression revealed an
unusual finding. The study, which involved more than 4,000 men ages 32 to 48,
found that a parabolic model best fits the data (see Figure 2). Men with above-
and below-average testosterone levels reported more symptoms of depression
(Booth et al. 1999b). The link between high testosterone men and depression is
the inverse for men with below-average testosterone. The relationship disappears
for those with above average testosterone when controls for antisocial and risk
behaviors and the absence of protective factors such as marriage and steady
employment are in the equation."

" When exploring the links between testosterone and behavior it is important to keep in mind that the
relationship may not be linear."

http://fpb.case.edu/smartcenter/docs/SpitCamp/Booth et al Social Forces 2006.pdf


I have not gotten my whole program sorted out, but my mood has been much better since I started HCG then TRT. I'm more patient with my kids and wife. I have a better 'baseline' mood. I feel more confident. Workouts have been greatly improved as we'll as recovery from those workouts.

I am getting a little self-conscious about my body, but in a weird way. I'm bigger/more muscular now than I've ever been and I think it might be obvious that something has changed with me if my friends were to see. I kind of think that a coach at my gym might be getting skeptical. At the end of the day, though, it's my choice and if anyone has a problem with it they can get stuffed.


I would echo this entirely. I'm experimenting with blast and cruise right now, and I can feel myself get to the "frustrated threshold" even quicker now- but I'm aware of it and therefore have managed it without incident.