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How to Workout the Weeks Before I, Bodybuilder


Dear CT

I am very psyched about starting the I, Bodybuilder program as soon as it's out in 6 weeks or so.

What kind of workout (phase) would you suggest prior to the program?

I alternate high volume phases with high intensity phases (accumulation & intensification).

I scheduled an intensification phase starting in 1 week and lasting 5 weeks, including a deloading week (the last week of the phase).

Would it be a better idea to do something different? Since the program may start with a lot of low rep work itself?

Thank you very much!


To hijack with a similar "omg so excited what do I do" question:

Could you mention (either here or in the real program) what you think the real prerequisites might be for the program? Should rank beginners be doing it, or is this a "should be able to squat 1.5x your bodyweight" kind of thing?


I think you should not train at all and rest, so you get supracompensated ownage results when you start the program!

At least some of the individuals who did the program hadn't trained for months, if i recall correctly.


As an iron addict, not working out for weeks is not an option :wink:


Well Sebastien and Keven were both in a relatively detrained state. Keven had stopped training for 3-4 months and Sebastien had let himself go. However I had them "get back in shape" for 4 weeks before starting the program.


Read the article again.