How to Work the Legs with a Severe Shoulder Injury?

Hello Christian,

I’m actually dealing with an important injury on my right shoulder (have been 8 months so far…still cannot do upperbody exercices or hold a weight with my right and) and after 8 month stoppage I’m sick and tired of this, and want to get back to the gym.

Of course, I can’t do a normal routine, because even holding a 10 kg dumbell would hurt my shoulder, but I think a leg/abs routine would work just fine and would boost my mood (pretty low right now).
What would you suggest for such a routine? I was thinking to use weight (leg press, as I can’t squat now), cycling and running…how would you arrange it in terms of intensity and volume?

Thank you in advance


You can do leg press, leg extension, leg curl, back extension, single leg extension, single leg curl, single leg press, walkng backward with a sled, stationary bike with a lot of resistance, etc. Lots of stuff you can do… you can train legs hard 3x a week easily

Thank you very much!

I’ve found an old article of yours named “Hungarian Oak Leg Blast”. Two workout x week…still a good option or you would do something more “classic”?

Isnt that program based on squats?

Yes, I would change it to leg press, using the same time pattern used in that program (2 min and up). I know it is not optimal and that squat would be a far better option…but for now I can’t.

Silly idea or it can work?

It can work… BUT the problem is that the squat is a whole lower body exercise that hits the hamstrings and glutes pretty well. The leg press is more of a pure quads movement… Because of that and since you can’t train the upper body I would likely add variety to the program.

Maybe doing the hungarian leg blast mon & fri then doing 3 sets of back extension and leg curls

And on Wednesday I would do stationary bike with a lot of resistance for 3-5 sets of 45 sec (intense) suprersetted with sets of single leg curl (alternating leg on each rep) for 8-10 reps per side. Then a superset of leg extensions and leg curls (seated if possible, just for variation) for 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps

Thank you! Will do as suggested!!!

When i was recovering from biceps tendon surgery I trained legs up to 5x a week without a problem. The one thing I would add is write everything down so you have a record of weights used so that you aren’t tempted to do too much too soon with a resultant negative impact.

Thank you!