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How to Work My Squat Sticking Point?


I tend to stick/slow down just out of the hole on my squats. What can I do to get faster out of the hole, or stronger at this point in the lift?

My real question then is what assistance exercises or squat variations should I do and what muscles should I try to target to get my numbers up the quickest?

Stats: 6 foot 2 inches 210 lbs, lifting for 5 months, current squat max 315

training log (if it helps to see what I am doing or neglecting) http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/jakerz_log;jsessionid=78501938007C1631ACFC552B3B5BF7FC-hh.hydra


For raw squatters, power out of the hole will almost ALWAYS be the limiting factor in a squat.

Some things you can use to help:
1-Low box squats (below parallel)

2-ATG (literally) front squats, with a pause in the hole

3-Perfecting breathing technique

4-Lots of squatting


Thanks, I'll see what I can incorporate of that. What exactly do you mean by perfecting breathing technique? Is this the same as getting a full breath at the top and bracing with it? Or something else?


What he said, and you can also incorporate some rack work (squat from pins at your sticking point level).