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How to Work My Chest Muscles?


Whenever i do chest exerices e.g. bench press, flies, i always feel like that my triceps are taking the brunt of the weight and my chest isnt doing much work. Although the days after, my chest aches.

I keep my arms wide enough apart on the press, so not sure wats going on.

Can any1 help and give me some advice on how i can work my pecs harder?


Dude, the bench press is primary a triceps workout. The chest acts as an adductor or something. I can't remember what it is, so yeah. Cause really, do you push with your chest?


This is, without a doubt, some of the most sound advice I have heard since joining this forum. Brilliant.


And to think, all this time I have been doing bench on chest day...


ahah back off guys hes probably a personal trainer, he def knows what hes talking about


Somebody grab him while I get a 20 foot running start to kick him in the balls. Seriously OP, don't overthink it. Press heavy on all angles, throw in some finishers, eat heavy and clean, and watch it grow.


Hahahha you guys are hillarious lols,
I do wonder though what do you use your chest for??




Lol you really think I'm joking? Ask TC about it and he'll tell you that the Bench press is primarily a triceps workout. I don't remember what he said but I think its "adductor". I forgot.


Dude...Seriously!?! You really need to quit reading the articles on here; they're only confusing you. You keep this up you'll always stay at 130 lbs...unless you hit a growth spurt.

You want a fact that will really mess with your head? NONE of your muscles can push. They all pull!!!



Ok, so why has my chest grown since I started benching...?

Anyways OP, before the thread is totally hijacked. You say your chest hurts, and that means you are hitting it right. I always think about squeezing my chest together at the lockout of the bench press.
Eat big and clean.


No, I think YOU are a joke. With proper form, the pectoralis major is the primary agonist of the BB Bench press. Anterior delts and triceps are merely synergists.



I got a muscle that pushes


thanks for all the helpful posts. just watched dave tates vid and read his article and i think its definitely got to do with my technique-my elbows and wrist position are wrong and so it ends up being similar to a "military press" as tate explained it.


this is one of the reasons why i stay away from the bench press.
there are many other chest exercises that you could use to add some size to your chest.
even try incline bench press, i have made a lot better improvements on incline than flat anyways.


lol okay, the OP said he cant feel his CHEST ACTUALLY WORKING when doing BP. I didnt say the BP didn't work the chest. WTF? would I do it if its not a chest exercise? BUT, seriously, i never said the BP didnt' work ur chest. I just said, you are not gonna feel your chest actually "working". seriously, do you feel it? like when you do close grip BP you can "feel" your triceps actually working.


Read the OP's first post. it says, he can feel his "triceps taking the brunt of the weight". That's cause you use your triceps to push.


...srsly? Wow.

OP, I will say this: The Dave Tate video was a great place to start. I would also recommend Eric Cressey's "5 Habits of Highly Defective Benchers". Fix your form, focus on progression, eat big, and your chest will grow. End of story. The bench press has been building huge chests for longer than anyone on this forum has been alive.

Or you could listen to high-schoolers who weigh 130lbs and have an affinity for contradicting themselves. Your choice.


lmao. seriously though, i never said the BP didn't work the chest. i just went to agree with the OP that the triceps really take much of the weight.

maybe you should start reading posts? seriously if you can find the post where i said the BP didn't work the chest, i'll stop responding to this thread.

and if you're really as smart as you portray, can you PROVE that the triceps are not involved or does not TAKE MUCH OF THE WEIGHT on the bench press?