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How to Win at a Local or State Meet


i really do not know much about meets, but want to do a local one in 2 yrs. im in los angeles, if that matters.

at 165, if i want to win first, what should my lifts be?
at 181, same question?

i'm 171 right now with like 15% bf.
i was thinking 500/300/500 for S/B/D at 165. any ideas?
at 181, i guess just a little more :stuck_out_tongue:


2 years? why not start competing now. you'll progress much faster. anyway, just pick a fed and look up the results of a local contest in your area and u will get a feel for how strong the competition is


It completely depends on who else shows up...

Which is why it's not important, and the wrong attitude to have, especially for your first meet.


what attitude should i have then?
i'm giving myself 2 years because I want to train harder and get bigger lifts. I don't plan on doing this often, since this is secondary to academics and such. I just really want to win and that's it :open_mouth:


Winning is easy. Just lift in a class with no other lifters. Lift in sub masters classes, junior classes, police & fire (never understood why the most jacked professions got a special class).

On the other hand, if you want see what's cracking in the Men's Open classes, take a gander at the meet results: http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com/meet%20results.htm


You can't control who shows up but here is how to do your best:

  1. Find some PLers who lift in the fed you want to compete in, and train with them.
  2. Train consistently for 12-16 weeks befroe the meet.
  3. Decide on, acquire, and learn the gear you will use.
  4. Have a plan on attempts before the meet.
  5. Make 3 squats and 3 benches. Make your opner DL to get in meet then take a look at what you need in the DL. If lifting alone or way ahead or behind, go for PR total and PR DL.
  6. Wait for squat, rack, press, rack, and down commands.
  7. Bring a handler who knows you and the sport.
  8. Ask lots of questions at the meet.
  9. Listen to everybody at the meet, then decide if it makes sense.
  10. Do not talk smack to big name PLers.


Dont worry about winning, just go their and lift...going into your first comp expecting to win is a bad way to enter it....comps can sometimes be overwhelming and the adrenaline rush you will get from being there can sometimes throw you off...just go to the meet, go 9 for 9, and get white lights across the board!! just my opinion...


Theres alot of factors:
-Whos lifting?
-What weight class you lift in (how old are you?)
-Is the meet local or state? (state meets attract a higher calibre lifter)
-What federation are you lifting in?

In alot of cases a Junior lifter at a local meet won't have anther lifter in his weight class, so I could list exactly what you should do, but instead I'll just tell you to read Jack Reape's post above. Jack has been around the sport for a long time, and knows a good deal about meet preparation.


your focusing on all the wrong things here. You have to just experience a meet to know what your in for. I won a powerlifting meet with 4 faults and a combined of 1050. At my peak i did an 1100 suited and placed 2nd. Plus, the numbers your put up a that weight would be national top 5 at my age. As stated earlier, you could go into a meet unnopposed or have an entire flight devoted to your weightclass alone. There are so many different weightclass and divisions, just float around and find ones you like