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How to Win a PWI Argument


Step 1) Keep making your opponent answer the same question insisting that he has not done so to your satisfaction.

Step 2) Make sure to tell your opponent in a completely unrelated thread what an ass-kicking you just gave him or her in the thread in question.

Step 3) Claim victory.

Its as simple as that folks...

Who keeps letting these pesky flies in ma house?


Don't forget the use of childish name calling and profanity as part of Step 3.


You've posted what, three shitty zero-content threads today? I'm flattered that I'm having so much of an effect on you.


See? I win!


Only a complete moron would listen to your arguments, because your position puts our children in jeopardy.

Trust me, I know the real facts.


Honest Truth Incorporated

"Putting Your Safety and the Integrity of Our Children's Future Above Everything Else"


Yet our ancestors' children were born into a world with no government and they survived to produce us. If what you say is true then we would not be here.


Oh fuck, I get it now.

Well played!!

yes, I am slow.


How to win? Easy. Don't ever start one.


I always respect FightingIrish's style...... "Fuck you asshole, dipshit cocksucker-motherfucker cum gurgling gutter slut bastard republican"




Fuck all you stupid cocksuckers! I win.


So you think pragmatic concerns affect matters of truth? Does that mean something might be false simply because it has what we might view as bad results?

I realize your line of thinking on anarchy probably goes something like "Anarchists claim theory ideology leads to better social results, anarchism produces a bad environment for children, which constitute bad social results; therefore anarchists ideological claims are false", in which case isn't letting pragmatics affect matters of truth but is merely arguing about pragmatic issues.

Just trying to clear that up, because what you say is a dangerous line to toe.


The next time someone accuses me of cussing too much, I will introduce them to the master of it LOL.


The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. And besides, truth is all perspective isn't it?


No, perspective can definitely affect one's judgment of truth but truth isn't dependent on it.


now, you are talking about tangible facts correct? as in 'this rock is heavy', 'the sky is blue', not truths about what is "right" or "wrong"


I am talking about all things that can be understood as true. If I were going to make a statement of truth about the physical world, for example, I would leave out subjective descriptors and use only quantitative measures -- the rock is 12.5 Kg. This is a falsifiable statement whereas "the rock is heavy" is not; therefore, there is no means to judge it as a true statement though many people might be in agreement about such a statement.

And yes, right and wrong can be judged with respect to truth otherwise there is no sense in saying something is right or wrong.


lol. The best part is that this was, apparently, a real response. Let's all go back to pre-biblical times!

(PS You're all dumb. I WIN!)


Gutter slut. I like that one.

I make broader points... it's not just obscenities. I actually get a lot of compliments from people on here about my posts in the PWI forum. I just like swearing and don't care who I offend. If you don't like profanity, you're probably too soft for politics.

And believe it or not I do talk to real politicians in the same kind of tone. I find throwing some curses in there relaxes them... so much PC talk makes even Democrats crazy.


Where is it necessary that instilling government with power was the correct response? How can you even judge the validity of such a statement.

All you can say is that it is what happened but this does not mean it was a necessary outcome.