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How to Weigh and Measure Food


Hello all,

I wanted to confirm the proper way to measure/weigh food.

1.Do you measure food uncooked or cooked ie 100gm of chicken breast or 1 cup of oats.

2.If I was to cook 1kg of beef mince meat how do i measure the small portions per meal.

Thanks in advance


Depends on cooking methods - generally i prefer methods where everything is controlled... i.e. dry frying, hot pots, etc. How I would calculate my beef stats:

Weigh 1kg of beef
Find stats for 100g raw beef, multiply up so its for 1kg for total stats for the whole bit of meat.
Cook beef
Divide beef up into 5 portions
Divide the uncooked total stats by 5
Thats it.

When you add in other stuffs like oil things change however.