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How to Wash an XVest?


I just noticed mine smells like something died in it and simply dont want it to fall apart in the washer....is it fine to just toss it in?


You might want to take the weights out of it first. Otherwise, yeah just toss it in.


For a quick de-stinking short of a full wash throw it in the trunk of your car and spray the f*ck out of it with Fabreze. Shut the trunk and let it be overnight. It is not the same as cleaning it, but it's a good temporary fix.

The odor is caused by microbes. Another trick, and this applies to sneakers as well, is to put them in the freezer for a few days. The water in the microbes freezes and the cells explode. Once back to room temp the smell should be gone.


I would take it to the self-service car wash, and hose it down, like I do my boots. Works like a champ.

Take the weights out first.