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How to Warm-up Main Lift and Excite Central Nervous System?

If doing the main lift of each session for 3x4-6 reps, how would you work up to that to make sure your muscles and joints are warmed up but yet also excite your CNS at the same time? How would you set up your sets and reps leading to the main set?

Thank you.

It depends on the weight I’m working at.

For example, If I’m doing squats at 75% of my TM, it usually works out as follows:

Bar x 10 reps x 2/3
Work Sets @ 75%

Doing some dynamic stretches between each warm up tends to help as well. I also do some band pullaparts and shoulder mobility drills, regardless of whether I’m doing squat, bench or deadlift.

I’m just a novice though, I’m sure someone else probably has a better recommendation

You can do it 531-style, where you do med ball throws or box jumps during your warm up sets, or during mobility work prior to lifting. This has worked well for me.

Coach Thibs when you have time could you let me know what you would recommend?
Thank you

4-6 reps is likely around 85%. Here’s what I recommend:

Gradual build-up/preparation sets:
Bar x 10
50% x 8
70% x 6
75% x 6
80% x 4
85% x 4

90% x 1-2

Then do your work sets

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Thank u!

And what about your program “best damn for naties”. You mentioned before rest/pause (4-6reps, which is 85%) “just” 3 preparation sets and don’t overdo more warm up sets because of volume.

Those 3 preparation sets are sets that are close to your maximum weight on the exercise you are doing. But instead of going to an RPE of 9 or 10, you go to 7-8. The true warm-ups done with lighter weights are not included and depending on the nature of the exercise you can do 2-3 with non-stressful weights.

If you look at the protocol recommended in this thread it is pretty much exactly that, except for the neural priming which is added to maximize lifting performance.

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But if your working sets are maximum 4 reps, then why do you do 4 reps at 85% in the warmups? Doesn’t that create unnecessary fatigue?

You’re supposed to do warmup set with RPE7 - You can use weight that You’re planning to use in one working set or close to it - and on working set RPE11 :slight_smile:
RPE7 sets are not taxing and if You feel they are, then You’ve been pushing to hard I guess

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No. It’s an RPE of around 7.5.

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