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How to Warm Up for Reverse Band Lifting

How do you warm up if you are using a band stronger than a mini band? I recently did reverse band squatting with an average band. I couldn’t get anywhere near parallel until I had 225lbs. I don’t consider that heavy at all, I just imagine there is a better way than going straight to 225. I warmed up raw till I got to 225 then I put the bands on. I’m just wondering what’s the best way to warm up with bands when you can’t get full rom with the bands you’re using?

When i use reverse bands, the first thing i do is figure out how much the bands are taking off and then i start my warmups accordingly. for example, if i’m doing reverse band squats and they take 150lbs off the bottom i would probably start my warmups with 225lbs on the bar and the go up from there.

  1. Work up to a comfortable triple or so normally without bands.
  2. Strap on Bands
  3. Continue ramping up with bands for prescribed by that day rep range (work up to a triple / double / single)