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How to Warm Up for Hill Sprints?


I think I want to start incorporating hill sprints into my routine again. I’ve gotten out of shape and fat, and need to start pushing myself again. I’ve done them before, in XC and track, and am only a year out of high school so while I’ll obviously ease into, I’m not too worried about it being too much for me to handle.

Just wondering what’s a good way to warm up for it? In high school, we’d just do some lunges and quick stretches after a lap around the track, and then begin doing our actually training. I have no idea if this is “good” or not, just want to go about this in a smart way.

Any input is appreciated.

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I’ve always just done a general warm up and a few build up runs before getting into the sprints.

The hill I used to run was only a few blocks away, so I’d jog over there, do some light dynamic stretching, then runs up the hill at 50-60-70% effort before getting into the work.

Seemed to work well enough for me, though YMMV.


I would do about 3-5 warm up sprints, each progressively faster. In between these, do some leg swings and mobility work.


Thanks for the info! Will check it for sure and even use further.