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How to use Surge

How should i use Surge? half a dose when i work out and the other half after i work out? I’ve been drinking gatorade and 10gr of whey during my workouts and this seems to be working well. and then the same drink but with 20gr whey after my workout. Am i doing this right? I’ve been trying to follow the precise nutrion 2002 articals.
thanks for any help

I do half before OR during a workout and the other half after.

You are off to a good start with the gatorade and whey protein combo. I’ll assume that you are using the appropriate ratios that Berardi recommended in the article you mentioned.

Surge or something like it is going to be a better choice. You get faster absorbing proteins, a nice burst of insulin, glutamine, BCAAs, etc. Berardi and Patterson made Surge to take the guesswork out of the equation. My advice is 1 serving Surge mixed in 1 L water for during exercise and 1-2 scoops Surge in 1-1.5L water after training. The 1-2 scoops after training is totally dependant on the volume and intensity of your training, so adjust as you see fit.