How to Use Straps for DB Shrugs?

-I know that if you use a pronated grip you pass the strap under the bar
-And if the hand is supinated you roll the strap over the bar…

But when you do dumbell shrugs, you hand position is neutral, so how should I use them? Under or over tha bar? Makes any difference?


Naturally you use them in such a way that whichever way your palm is, that’s the way you pass the strap over the bar.

Otherwise, the strap becomes just a pad that follows the contour of your hand, and does not help you grip the bar.

I saw someone mention in the wrist strap thread that they liked these straps for rowing and it seems like they would be really easy to use for DB shrugs as well.

edit: had white box so it should work now, whether they are old school or normal they should wrap like in the vid anyways.

Mmm…I just tried and realized that the correct strap position its from the inside rolling towards outside

Doesn’t matter which way your grip is. The strap wraps around the bar and back into the palm of your hand. Wrap it the other way and it’s not doing anything.