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How to use powders

OK, lets say I hypothetically just ordered 5g of Dbol and 5g of Winstrol (from someone dubbed the ‘powder man’, hypothetically of course), and since THE kit isn’t out yet, I was wondering about some alternate ways of taking it. I know the classic way is to mix let’s say 5g with 100ml, making 50mg/ml doses and to drink. However, I have heard that the powders to not seem to be completely soluble, and sometimes ‘clump’ inside the mixture, but maybe I’m wrong. I think it would be easier to just make capsules, but is it easy? I know you can get things like the “Cap M quik” capsule makers, but would this work? I just don’t know how dense(maybe?) the powders are, would lets say 20mg of winstrol fit into a capsule? or would that be way to less and you would need to use a filler of some sort? I hope I’m clear on what I’m asking, just is it easy to manufacture your own capsules in this way? Any input would be great.

Dude even in Winstrol depot if you let it sit the winstrol will separate from the water, just shake it…As far as the D-bol powder, you can use propylene glycol to mix and drink it also and it should not separate…Kilosports sells various capsule sizes and kits to fill and pack them, which size cap you would need is beyond my present knowledge…Hope I’ve been some help…VooDooChile

My kit will not work with stano powder.
Best way to use them is to put the 5g in
100ml of ethanol and “drink” the amount you


You can buy some propelyne glycol and replace it for the water. PPG is what’s in Reforvit-B. then go about it as you would normally, get an extra syringe and draw it up in let’s say a 10mg/ml dosage. i dont know the max solubility, but suspect of course it’s higher than 10mg/ml. Just used that for a nice easy number.

then shoot into 00 caps and have fun.

Just add the powder to propylene glycol. The guy ordered from will tell you how to get it in the email he sends you. That is easier than adding alcohol and drinking it.

I would recommend using capsules. They are easier to use and can be taken throughout the day making them more effective than one 50mg dose. It just is not feasible for me to carry around a bottle and syringe. It’s rather inexpensive also. The only problem is that you need an accurate scale to pull it off and the encapsulating process is tedious believe me. To make 500 10mg capsules, take the 5g of powder and mix it with 495g of icing sugar. Encapsulate using the “00” size, 1g, capsules. The capsule maker only does 50 at a time so this process must be repeated 10 times! Expect hours of work. Good luck!