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How to Use Pendlay Lifting Straps?

I just bought the Pendlay lifting straps and I was wondering if anybody had a video or explanation of how to properly use them. I’ve used normal straps before for deadlifting, but am having a hard time getting the straps wound tight enough to train the snatch, etc.


If they are proper lifting straps, not a figure eight loop, they are hard to learn.

I wrap them around twice, makes the grip thicker and my hands are better able to adjust the tightness.

my son who was a good jr OL (but better jr shot putter PLer, used to use his teeth. Yep get down and one knee and bit the end and pulled it tight.)

that is how he started using them and when he retired from lifting (when he left school and joined the real world he was still doing it that way. some kids would laugh, until they counted what was on the bar)

I can do them backwards in my sleep, so each to their own, but yep at first they are hard