How to Use My Biotest Products


I’ve been bulking for the past 2 years (ish) and would like to cut down early for a holiday coming up in a few months time.

After a couple of years training ive found myself with quite a few supplements, which i’m not too sure how to use best to get my goals to lower my body fat whilst minimizing muscle loss.

Currently i am on a strict low carb diet eating 6-8 meals a day but would also like to add some supplements to help me achieve my figure.

I have Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, Surge Recovery, and Flameout.

Should i still be using my usual Surge Recovery post workout and then start introducing some Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shakes to replace (or accompany) some of my other smaller meals? Or instead should i take Low-Carb Metabolic Drive post workout instead? And as for Flameout?

Any help will be very appreciated

Oh just in case you were interested im doing Chad Waterbury’s summer project and plan on introducing the supplement (HOT-ROX i think it was) when he recommends in the training schedule.

Body fat at ~20% and plan on carb cycling.

Take Flameout with breakfast or dinner (last meal of evening).

Metabolic Drive I would use as 1 snack and a pre-bed meal at most, not after a workout.

Personally I just have a protein shake with BCAA’s before/after a workout when dieting down, but Surge wouldn’t hurt before/after - would make it the only “proper” carb source of the day though - other than carbs from green vegetables which you could ignore.

ok thanks for the input