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How to Use MK667?

Hey guys, newbie here…

Going to start taking 10mg of MK667 next week. I have the liquid one with a 1ml dropper. My question is how do you are use this? I have never used this product before and was wondering how do you mix this? Do you mix it in water? Juice? Put it straight in your mouth? How do you consume this in your body? I am sorry if these might be stupid questions, i am just new to all this.

Do this at least once. It is a known that liquid MK tastes terrible. If it is not close to the worst thing you have ever tasted, it is probably fake or under dosed. TBH, the only thing I can think of that tasted worse was a time I got gas in my mouth while trying to syphon gas out of a car that was on its way to the junk yard.

Mixing it just ruins anything you mix it with IMO. What I do is get a bit of pop / soda (I prefer diet) and take a sip without swallowing, then I use a 1 mL syringe and squirt the MK into the fluid in my mouth and quickly swallow. I then take another sip of pop and swish it around a bit to get the taste out of my mouth.

I take the MK at night as I am not interested in extra hunger all day. Some say to take it an hour or two before bed for the best sleep. I don’t know if you really need to do that (I take about 15 minutes before bed with no issue, but YMMV).


Tastes like a mix between death and death. I used to drop it straight back of my throat and just push through. The issue with dropping it in a cup is that at times the actual Dose can be lower due to the actual SARM possibly sticking to the sides of the cup. Mixing it in your mouth with another liquid already in there like the other person suggested is actually an amazing idea I didn’t even think about.

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Awesome! Thanks for the reply back guys! I will definitely try the diet coke idea since i love diet coke anyways haha. If you all have any other idea please let me know!

I do some home brew with raw powders and I have some mk677 but I have NEVER used it. I can tell you from making my own orals with other things that you can sort of cover some bad tastes with plant glycerin. They sell it at wall mart and really it’s just syrup-ie and sweet. So I use it with all my orals and it does help.

I am just putting it out there incase the drink doesn’t work. That syrup seems to coat the granules and keep some of them from contacting the taste buds. But you already have a liquid solution so I don’t know how well that characteristic will work in your situation.

Best way to use it is. Wrap it up real nice then toss it in the trash.

Why do you say that? Good to see you back here BTW. Research seems to show pretty significant increases in IGF-1.

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A lot of that research is backed by sarm companies.

I personally can’t justify the price for the supposed amount it increases igf-1

If I’m gonna go that route I’m using GH. Which is exactly what I’m about to do.

Also I understand mk isn’t technically a sarm but it sold by the same companies pushing sarms. There’s also a huge gap in the recommended dose to supposedly raise igf and gh

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From the MPMD website (I can’t find the actual study, but I did read it).

In the study using young men with GH / IGF-1 deficiency, doses of 10 and 15 mg per day were used, and the results were pretty good IMO. Results below:

"In a study conducted on nine severely GH-deficient men ages 17-34 yr, 10 mg MK-677 increased serum IGF-1 levels by 52% on average, and increased GH levels by 79% on average.

50 mg MK-677 increased serum IGF-1 levels by 79% on average, and increased GH levels by 82% on average [R].

Placebo Vs 10 mg MK-677 Vs 50 mg MK-677 in GH deficient men – GH Levels

Placebo Vs 10 mg MK-677 Vs 50 mg MK-677 in GH deficient men – IGF-1 Levels"

Now I have low IGF-1 on blood tests (about 120). I am very similar to the participatents in this study. If I can get an 50% improvement in IGF-1 and close to 80% improvement on HGH for $0.50/day, that is a win. I still need to do blood work to confirm it is working. If not, I’ll probably go to HGH injections.

I think a good conclusion from this is that using more doesn’t equal a lot better results, and 50 mg is 5X the 10 mg dose (that was almost as effective). Using 10 mg is not going to spike hunger as much, and is a fifth the cost.

In gh defciant men.

Terms like this is what stands out to me

I’d also have to see the comparison versus say 8-10 mg of hgh a day not in defciant men tho. Im liable to believe that of the studied had been done on regular men the results would be different.

I’m also having a hard time taking anything really serious from MPMD

But that’s just my opinion. I like to stick to proven methods personally

I haven’t found much on normal young men (I seem to have low GH / IGF-1, so the study seemed applicable to me).

If you look through some research, there are other studies that have older populations and healthy buy obese young men take MK. Those show about a 40% increase in IGF-1.

Some respond really well, some not so much. With how much cheaper it is, a trial with blood work before and after being on for a while might be worth it. I have heard people say it got their IGF-1 into the mid 300s and they started below 200. That is significant.

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You wanna know a really good way to raise both.


This is a joke but also true

MENT scares me a bit. Seems hard to control for estrogen.

I am really interested in running DHB as my next compound. Any experience with it?

Ya it scares me to. I don’t have estrogen problems my estrogen can be sky high and I feel no different or have any boob issues. But I’m still not fuckin w it.

10iu hgh a day sounds better

I have run dhb cyp so many times now and EVERYTIME I love it even more. I wish I could just cruise on it and keep that response I get in the 12 week cycles. It’s the only one I can take at my level that I get on it after a cruise and people go “what the fuck are you on” within the first week or so…fucking love the shit. Currently trying to brew higher concentrations so I can use higher amounts easily. It’s like injectable proviron in the sense that it just makes everything you gain so much better. It might be a better stand alone gainer for guys earlier in their development and I do remember having some awesome results earlier on but I have always stacked it with at least test and after the first cycle I would also at least have some oral or some other injectable in there. I remember test dhb and eq was a fun ride, ate like caveman, just get the fuck out if my way I want the meat mother fucker…my current love is test dhb and tren, I feel like a walking granite statue after the first couple of weeks. Like I like it so much I need to make myself try different things or I’ll never try new things again.

I have also use “ment” but not trestolone acetate I used trestolone phenylpropionate. And admittedly it is not supposed to get the results like the acetate but again I liked it. I have enough to take another run at a higher dose and that will be next blast. I didnt notice any significantly different estrogen issues so I am thinking that might be something that only effects some guys the way deca only seems to kill the dicks of some guys. And ment is in the 19-nor family like deca so…

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This is the feedback I’ve gotten from ALL that have run it. The feedback I have gotten from those that haven’t tried it, is that it is just another designer steroid, stick with the tried and true. I’m tagging @iron_yuppie, as this was his feedback.

Have you noticed any negative sides or blood work on it? Kidney, liver issues?

Do you think the comparison to weak tren without the sides holds up?

I’m thinking my next blast will be test and DHB, maybe add mast? Would you run test as high as you can without ai use while on it? I seem to have no issue with 600 mg/wk, so lots of bang for the buck ther

what about pip. Hear it is brutal. I’ve also heard it comes down to brewing and what solvents are used. Anything to look out for to find a less painful DHB?

My issue with DHB has been mostly that I don’t know how it fits into anything. It’s like “super primo” or “weak tren”. That makes it hard for me to figure out. If someone is getting good results from it then good for them. I just don’t get it.