How to Use Insulin Syringe for TRT?

Hi everyone

I was watching a video by Derek from more plates more dates where he recommends using a insulin syringe for TRT

I was wondering if I can use it to inject IM?

And also how do I use it since it comes with one needle?

Will the needle still be sharp enough if I use it to draw from the testosterone vial?

You can buy separate syringes and needles. You buy 1ml syringe for Leur Lock and you buy 30g Leur Lock needles. Yes IM can work. As for sharpness I don’t know. I draw with a 20g, swap it for the 30g, and then inject. The 30g takes a long time to load. To each their own though.

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I was told the insulin syringes I have come with a non removable needle, I’ll check them when I get home…

Maybe I need a different brand for TRT if the needle gets blunt if I use it to draw the test

Depending on your dosage, you can draw and inject with the insulin syringe. It make take a few minutes to load.

You can also back fill insulin syringes from other syringes. I’m sure there’s a ton of videos on YouTube showing how to do it.

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I draw and inject with the same insulin needle every time. No issues at all. I don’t understand using a separate needle to draw. seems like you are guaranteeing waste.

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I draw and inject with the same needle as well. 1/2", 0.5cc, 30g, fixed needle insulin syringe.

When you’re dealing with like 28 or 30g needles, they’re so small it doesn’t seem to matter. They don’t hurt even if they are “used” twice (once for drawing, once for injecting)

It takes longer to draw but it helps reduce waste and is easy to do so that’s what I do.

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It’s actually pretty simple to understand.
When I’ve drawn with the same needle that I inject with, the needle gets dull when it punctures the rubber on the vial. Then it was difficult to puncture my skin with it.

I haven’t had the same experience. I guess you have thicker skin or I have sharper needles.

I guess I haven’t reached the “paper thin skin” stage of life yet.

Haha, thin skin here too! But I’m not old, yet

Insulin needle lengths are fairly short…around 1/2" at the most, so depending on your BF and where you inject it would work. Maybe not real well for glutes/quads but OK for delts for sure unless you have a very large amount of BF.

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Yeah I do delts with 1/2" and it works fine for most people… most people don’t have much fat there

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28 gauge 0.5” insulin needle here too. Delts. Easy as fuck. Even if needle is dull, I can’t feel it going in. No pain. No blood drops even.


Also, for those concerned about how long it takes to draw the oil into an insulin syringe, I place my vial in a small sandwich bag and drop it in a mug of hot water. Leave it there for a few minutes and the oil is less viscous.

A minute or two to get the water to where it’s hot, plus a few minutes in the bag in the hot water, plus the time it takes to draw the oil.

What’s that, about 10 minutes to load the syringe?

You can draw then inject it’s fine. Sometimes I back fill a weeks worth at a time but usually I forget and just use one during every morning. I really don’t notice a difference. Just make sure you push it through the middle of the vial rubber. If it’s off center and doesn’t pass through like butter then it could be dulled. Junkies use the same needle for days, sometimes between multiple people so I’m sure one use won’t critically damage the tip

I take my vial out of my cold closet. Probably 50-55 degrees and immediately draw. 30 g takes like 10-15 seconds to get 12 ticks

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