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How to Use Foam Rollers?


Is there a proper way to use foam rollers?

I just got given one and have played with it, and kinda notice the preasure points that get activated. But have no idea if i am using it in a way thats productive.

Do i have to worry about veins? i have some small blue vieny lines on the sides of my thighs that look like nano varicose veins. They arn't anything like womens veins. But would i be making them worse if i end up rolling those areas?

How frequently is a good idea for general soft tissue health?


see this and try the search function




Mike Robertson wrote a free e-book on everything to do with Self-Myofascial Release. Check it out. I wouldn't worry about the veins, I'd think that the foam rolling would help the blood flow there. Shoot for foam rolling pre-workout, or if you can't do that, 3-4 times a week. The more the better.


Personally I do not like to foam roll before working out. For one, it's a slow activity that is sort of relaxing (minus the hot spots). Second, it is thought that there is potentially some nervous inhibition that occurs with foam rolling. For instance, when you find that tender spot and hold it there, eventually the pain goes away. Part of this is potentially from an inhibitory response from the nervous system. Do you really want to inhibit the nervous system right before working out when you are trying to engage muscles? I think post-workout has much more bang for the buck. In addition to working out the kinks, you are promoting some blood flow which will help post-workout. As I said earlier too, I treat it as more of a relaxing deal that works well post-workout.

When it comes down to it though, just foam roll. You'll find some good results with consistent usage.


Youtube it.


Does it make a difference if i get one foam roller or another?


Each one I believe has different hardness. I would get the hardest one.

However, I personally use a lacrosse ball for everything small/pin point and a pin roller for broader areas.

Those games with the claw that you use to grab toys I got two playing balls that were pretty hard that I use. Not as hard as my lacrosse ball so use it when things are really hurting. Or just buy some PVC tubing and wrap towels around it to adjust hardness. I'm such a cheap bastard.


cheap = good


OP, Foam rolling simulates a deep tissue massage designed for myofascial release of tight muscles,
increased ROM & circulation. Targets trigger points in the muscle which are sensitive nodules found within a taut myofascia band.

Foam Roller Routine
- Must allow more time for effective myofascial release
when foam rolling
- Relax muscle and locate trigger point
- Work foam roller slowly over the tender areas for 30
secs, then move on
- Divide foam rolling sessions into day 1 and day 2

hope this helps, bring on the pain.