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How to Use Cyp, Nandrolone, and Arimidex


QUESTION: What cycle plan has research shown to be effective with with cyp, nandrolone, Arimidex, and Novarell?

WHO: 47 y.o. male, 6'4", 245, 14% bf, great cardio conditioning ; 5 years of proper training;

GOAL: add muscle mass until Feb 2015, cut for March 1 230 goal weight

INVENTORY: cyp test at 200mg/mL (100 mL) - nandrolone dec 200mg/mL - 100 mL - Arimidex - Novarell IF tren could be added, how so? If drol, how so?

All beyond my knowledge and experience, so opinions??


My opinion is that you need to read (and re-read) the stickies and get educated before you do anything else. Lots of good info there. You’ll probably find the answer to your question as well.


test cyp - anywhere from 500mg-1000mg a week

same with deca…

deca and long-estered test are typically pinned twice a week.

novarell 250iu 2x a week (mon/thurs for example) subcutaneous

adex .5mg every other day or every day based on estrogen values in bloodwork

get pct drugs - nolvadex and/or clomid, unless you plan on staying on a trt dose forever which may not be a bad idea at your age.

keep a close eye on your blood pressure and hematocrit

I would hold off on the drol and tren…


You are asking someone to lay out a cycle for you. You will most likely not get an answer. It is not a hard cycle to work out if you read for an hour and work it out.