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how to use alpha lipoic acid

I’d like to supplement with it but need advice on it’s use.Is it best for mass or cutting or both?What are the effective doses?.During a low carb you risk of depleting the system of the carbos?if you eat a lot on a cheat day is it useful for sending glycogen in the muscles and not to make it convert to fat?
Thank you

ALA is a powerfull antioxidant that is fat and water soluble and helps regenerate E and C. Dieting is very complicated, so do not complicate matters worse worring about ALA. ALA will not help you put on muscle but will help you live longer. AlA can help suttle carbs into cells so it can be used on high carb diets to get extra glucose in the cells.

Use 200mg, 3 times a day with meals (600mg total) to improve insulin sensitivity. Studies have shown this amount improves glucose metabolism in type 2 diabetics. It will allow you to more easily store carbs as glycogen in muscles rather than as fat which can happen with poor insulin sensitivity.