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How to Understand Rush Limbaugh


It's a long read as far as internet attention spans go, but it's a pretty good piece on El-Rushbo.

Haters hate away.



All pundits are media clowns paid to stir up shit in the medial. Rush appeals to mainstream conservatives for ratings.


I agree with the article that talk radio is a sign of the times and simply is an echo chamber of people's feelings. And in a way it's probably a lot healthier for everyone concerned to have these feelings talked about on the radio (or somewhere). As the author indicates free speech can me messy.

And I would be remiss if I did not remind my liberal friends that they never said a word when the MSLM was castigating Bush. Calling him Nazi and blaming him for every possible sin imaginable.

As each of us who cling to a certain political ideal go forward we should keep these words in mind:

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

George Washington


Witness: Political Correctness.








/this and any thread about rush, stewart, colbert, olberman, coulter....


Not allowed to use them.


I can't give you any because I would get in trouble for saying them.


Be a bit funnier if someone else didn't beat you to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny or not they both speak the truth. Political correctness has seriously damaged our free speech. And it has been brought to us by the liberals.


Geez it is like a Republican ( LOVE IN ) in here. There may be some truth that political correctness has damaged our society but our Society has been damaged by the rhetoric Rush , Glenn and Sarah spew





Oh yes he di'id!


  i do not know if Mathews said that or not , but who ever said it I agree with it


True tolerance = when a lesbian commentator makes fun of the art of women juggling men's balls in their mouths, accompanied by a horrible misconstruing of a movement in our country's early history.


The whole point of this, which you missed, was that both sides do this shit.



Just curious, if I were a newscaster and I had a picture of Rachel Maddow on the screen with an accompanying label of "Rug-Munching Dyke", would I be given a pass if the sole reason of my broadcast was my disagreement with Maddow's opinion ?


I am not sure I understand your question , but if you were a journalist and called Moddow a rug munching Dyke , I would question your intelligence, although true, it is distasteful and serves no purpose. I would probably not read much of your work