How to Turn DHT Powder Into an Injectable Liquid?

Hello guys

I want to make an injectable liquid out of DHT powder (1 gram).

How to do this? What equipment is needed to homebrew this steroid at home?

Would really appreciate some help, if you have the knowledge on how to do this, please reply.

Thanks a lot

Have you thought about making it into a topical cream instead?

Transdermal form has a bioavailability of only 10% while injection will yield 100%.

I need to have a systemic effect to saturate the DHT receptors wherever they exist and the only way to do that is through injections.

You’ll need a carrier oil (MCT is my recommendation), benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, .22 micron syringe filters, large barrel syringes (10ml is a sweet spot), sterile vials, glassware in which you’ll blend everything, and if you don’t want to stand over it like an asshole for an hour a magnetic stirrer. That’s the minimum of what you’ll need. I’d recommend a scale as well, but if you’re 100% sure that it’s 1g then you can skip the scale.

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