How To Turn Bodyweight HIIT More Into HIT?

Dr Darden @Ellington_Darden,

Since a couple of months, me and the “health inspirator” at work, have introduced a weekly friday lunch 30 min HIIT routine, with 8 different bodyweight excercises, performed in a 45 sec work/15 sec rest fashion, for 3 rounds.

Leg station (split squats, bodyweight squats, lunges etc.)
Abs (ab wheel, crunches etc.)
Shoulders/lower back (lying down circling a weight)
Jumping jacks/high knees or similar
Dips or biceps with bands

Question is how you turn this more (or as much as possible) into a bodyweight HIT workout?

I tend to rely on slow 4/4 cadence reps where applicable, and also an emphasize on negatives when I’m getting tired. Am considering sissy squats for leg station. The sprints and jumping jacks are obviously pulse activities not specifically related to HIT.

Thankful for any advice re excercise selection or strategies in order to make this HIIT workout as much as possible into HIT?

This is in my opinion an interesting thought experiment. I realize this will never be HIT per definition, but in a time of hybridization - with a HIT preference - I find this question intriguing. How did people tweak HIT into a home based solution (without proper equipment) during the pandemic? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Isometrics?

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What you are suggesting seems to be of value. You are the best creator among the HIT group of trainees. Just keep your style of movement smooth, with negative emphasis when appropriate.

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Thank you @Ellington_Darden!

I had/have the intention of making this as close to your 30-10-30 Metabolic Challenges program, as possible. The short 45 sec “sets” make the 30-10-30 option unaccessible - But - the 10-10-10 regimen could fit!

The three rounds open up for experimentation with cadences - Perhaps I will try the following arrangement of cadences (as I have previously good experience from alternating workouts between different Darden regimen):

Round 1: 4/4
Round 2: 10-10-10
Round 3: Negative only

These workouts have already proven to be as intense as any gym HIT workout - with a metabolic conditioning approach. What you may lack in terms of intensity in round one - you make up for in round 2 + 3. The lower load simply require more volume to be efficient.

The chinups are different though, as the load in bodyweight is more than enough - which may require a change of order: 1. 4/4, 2. Negative only, 3. Dead hang (stretch + underarms).

Recognizing another thread on sprints, I do feel explosive sprints add something to the equation.

I welcome any input from other experienced HIT trainees? What are your thoughts on this? How do we create the perfect beast?