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How to Troll a Dating Site


My abs cramped up from laughing so hard at this...



Some of those pics had me laughing out loud. Wonder if any of those broads have a sense of humor?


On the second page one of the girls answers back and gets in a discussion about it. Pretty funny shit.




I thought I was done laughing...then I got to the black girl one


I like the girl with the goatee and the one with the Makita drill.


When I saw the photo of the black girl I was like "No he didn't".

...Then I saw the drawing and was like "OH HE DID!". This shit is mad funny.


Page 17 has a couple good ones too.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck me now that was fucking funny, thanks I needed that this evening after the fucking Eagles picked up Nnamdi.


U mad, bro?

Very funny, though. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.


God damn right I am mad. Fuck man runner up only counts in..............ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk


Wading through the responses...good to see there are always humorless White Knights to save the day from the evil men of the world.


Well, that secondary doesn't mean shit if you can't stop the run at the end of a game. That's always been the problem with the Eagles...so there's that. I still like our chances, though :).


Dont get me started, how come you never visit the NFL thread? Or did you visit with a different Avi and I forget?

That is my only thing to look forward to, Vick going down and cant stop the run.


bottom of page 3 LMAO


I've posted in the old one a few times before I had an avatar I think, but I usually don't discuss it much in the off-season (too busy watching the Reds underachieve, after all)...I get into it a lot more once the season starts. Don't worry, I'll probably be in there running my mouth before long.


^ cool look forward to it.


scroll to the eharmony part if it doesn't go right to it LOL


LOL. On that same page- 'classy' 40 year old club toilet monster.


This happens on every board. lol