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How to Travel with Supplements


I have to spend a week in DC for a convention. So I need to figure out how to transport: Power Drive, Surge, and creatine. What is the best way to transport these?


You should call the airline to see what is the best way.

I remember putting some protein bars in my checked in luggage only to find that they were half smashed in because they thought it was a bomb?


I put individual servings in small ziplocs, and put all the ziplocs in my shaker bottle for short trips and a big ziploc for a long trip. I've never had any issues. I've been questioned for my belt and a scale (for a PL comp), but never for my supps.


I've done the same with powders in both checked in and carry on luggage.

If I'm taking pills, vitamins, Flameout, etc. I put them all in a bottle of one of the products I'm taking.

As someone mentioned you can call the airline or check their policies online.


There's nothing wrong with travelling with supplements.

Over the past few months, I've travelled to several different countries carrying all the supplements I need in my suitcase (checked in).

I take protein powder tubs, Flameout, HRX, TRIBEX, Superfood, Spike, BCAA's, ZMA and I've never ever had any problems with Airport security.

I've even had my baggage randomly checked at London Heathrow airport, all the items were taken out, looked at, and then put back without any questions.

Don't worry about it.



Nothing wrong with bringing stuff on the plane, however if they find a ziplock bag with powder in it, one would think they might confiscate it... ya never know. I know years ago, I used to use MetRX whey that came in individual packets that were great for traveling. I'm sure someone sells whey like that. At least it would cover you until you got home.


Can you remember what brand does individual whey packets? I know EAS/Lean Body/Dorian Yates do MRP's...but whey? I would find that really useful!


I travel all the time for business and bring my supplements with me EVERY time. I pack a shaker bottle with protein powder and have a special pill case for everything else.

All of this goes in my carry-on luggage as I do not check bags.

There's nothing to worry about as long as it's not in liquid form.


Thanks for the information. I ended up saying screw it and just tossing everything in. If it had been confiscated I might have gone postal, but all is good. I don't think I would try the ziplocks, they would probably open all over my stuff.

I have never seen the individual packets, if anyone has more info please share. I jumped in the gym this morning and it is definitely limited. dbs only go up to 50lbs and smith machine or life fitness machines are the only other alternatives. I expected more from an up scale place. Better than nothing though, just have to work in higher rep range.


I've had the same thing happen as well and it's never been an issue.

I would, however, check supplements as opposed to bringing them with your carry-on.


Why? It's not necessary to check them, just like it's not necessary to check prescription meds either.


I didn't mean that it was necessary to check them. If I ever have any doubts, I check it. Plus, I just don't like dragging things all over airports with me. Prescription meds I will take in my carry-on bag for obvious reasons.

Myself, I just play by the rules. I keep things in original containers and don't try to be deceiving about anything. The containers take up a lot of room in my luggage but I've never had issues with it. If anything, I get asked a lot of questions (of interest and curiosity) by airport security when they see my supplements.


I actually got saved once because one of the TSA guys was a Biotest fan and recognized my name once I explained things. Up to that point they were not happy at all that I was returning to the US with chemical samples of excipients (from one of our suppliers), which I'd declared on the importation form.

Importation is a lot stricter than carrying within the US. As has been mentioned many times above, within the US flying with supplements is not a problem.

Similarly, while I have not experienced the situation, I expect that bringing supplements into other countries may well be problematic and certainly should be checked out beforehand. For example, A7-E is (for no good reason) a controlled substance in France -- you would not want to bring in HOT-ROX.


Braggart :wink:

Yes, importation is another beast entirely. Depending on where you are, you might have to bribe your way out or watch your stuff be thrown in the trash. Truly sucks...

I have taken prescription meds including class 3 controlled substance designated pain killers on my carry on while traveling without a problem - yet. That was from SFO to Costa Rica and I did call beforehand to explain my situation.

Now, why the hell can't I buy a bottle of alcohol from duty free and have the flight attendants hold onto it for a connecting, international flight? I will never get that one; had to pass up a sweet bottle of raki in Istanbul because stupid Lufthansa wouldn't bring it into France then SFO. Stupid!


I have traveled to several countries both in Europe and the Carribean with out an issue carrying protein and such in zip lock bags. Travel to Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago and then did the old bomb test on my carry on protein, but no other issues.

I would love to take the containers, but they take up so much space and weight -- just not feasable any more.


Oh, that wasn't the intent at all, but on re-reading I see I wasn't clear. I'd intended to say or at least imply that I was incredibly lucky. It is not that I am known by any large number of people: the odds were probably thousands to one against this happening. But I lucked out in this instance.


People carry pills with them on flights all the time. If you have relatively small amounts of each type it probably won't even get looked at. The question is: Is what your packing reasonable for personal use?

But if you have a bag with 1000 of the same pill in it questions will probably come up.

Lastly if going international, might want to do a quick check to see if your pills are legal over there. Because its legal where you are doesn't mean somebody else doesn't have crazy laws.


I had MetRX packets.

I was a fresh in college at the time and my parents bought it for me. Maybe they were cheaper back then, but it's expensive as hell. But if you're in a pinch:


That's what I had.

I guess it's a casein protein, as a meal replacement. So maybe it's not really what you're looking for.