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How to Transition from Cutting to Bulking?

(I’ve been a member of t-mag for about 7 years, but for some reason, my username and password aren’t working so I had to re-register.)

I’m on the T-Dawg right now in a cutting phase. I plan on coming out of it and going into a bulking phase when I reach my goal in about two months. I have two questions concerning this transition:

  1. How should I transition from a hypocaloric diet to a hypercaloric diet so that I gain the least amount of fat?

  2. I have a couple of big bottles of MAG-10 in my freezer that I will use in my next bulking phase. It has been about 3 years since my last bulking phase, so expect my gains in the beginning to be faster than if I were training regularly. Should I take the MAG-10 right at the beginning of my bulking phase or wait until later? What I don’t know is if it will add the same amount of boost in the beginning of the phase as it would later in the phase - say, 12 weeks into the bulking phase.