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How to Transfer Drawings


I know there are a few artists on here, perhaps others can help out to. I like to create drawings on Corel and recently had the idea to trasnfer them on to canvas backpacks but, can not figure out how to. I know that for t-shirts one can use heat transfer paper but, I do not think it will work for a bulky backpack since I would not be able to iron it cleanly on. Anyone have any idea how to go about this? I would like the artwork to transfer on and seem like it is part of the canvas itself. I have found a product called Lazertran but, it is a bit expensive perhaps there is a cheaper similar product.


Hai guys, I was just wondering, What do you think the best approach is to build muscles and get rippppped? I want to be huge so I thought someone here might have the BEST advice for me to reach my goals of being huge and strong and unfunctional.



Vegita, you are hilarious


Print it on paper and use safety pins to secure it onto the backpack. You can thank me later.


Gee, thanks for the advice. This is the Get a Life forum where anything can be posted. You have started threads on wine drinking and growing berry bushes how is that related to bodybuilding???


Excuse me sir, either give some advice or attempt to make a joke. At least Vegita tried.








Sir? Really?


Aw shit