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How to Train While Sick?

So I have been extremely sick for about 3 weeks. I’ve been trying to make it to the gym as much as I can. My problem is that when I go to brace on my main lifts, my lungs burn and I can’t hold.my breath for the rep. What do you guys do when you’re like this?

Dont train. Literally stop going and stay home. Not worth the risk of becoming even more sick or infecting other people. You wont regret it in the long run trust me.


I don’t train when I’m properly ill, time to rest and recover!

If I’m infectious, I don’t go to the gym. People come back from time away due to broken legs, you’ll return from a virus… maybe

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Above the neck, go, below the neck, stay.

Head cold? Stuffy nose? Symptoms above your neck? Go train.

Chest congestion? Trouble breathing? Symptoms below your neck? Stay home. You’re affecting your body’s ability to recover and you will stay sick for longer.

3 weeks of lung problems is plenty long enough to justify going to get some antibiotics.


I hate doctors and I hate taking meds. I’ll take a week off and go from there. If it doesn’t get better, I will have to go see the doc, unfortunately.

Man, what sort of potato head are you? Who the fuck gets sick for 3 weeks then says I’ll wait another week? Go see your doctor today, you could die FFS. You just need a lung infection to get septic and it’s over.


I had a friend who did exactly this. Was sick for about a month and too damn lazy to go to a doctor. He had tuberculosis and was hospitalized for at least a week. He had a tube inserted into his chest cavity. See a doctor.

Go see a doctor.

You might hate them, and hate taking medication, but by postponing your treatment you are just running the risk of having to see more doctors and take more medication.

Don’t go to the gym. If we can’t convince you, maybe CT can:

My great grandfather was the same way.

So I heard, at least. He died when he was 26. Not many stories about him.

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yea. i like to wait till things get completely unmanageable before i get help. makes me more of a man.

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The best part is within 72 hours of taking antibiotics you could be good to go workout again but you’ll take a week off instead.