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How to Train Vastus Medialis?

Hey guys!

Currently i can’t train heavy on legs because of a injury, and i’ve decided to devote my leg training to get bigger vmo’s and develop the teardrop muscle.

Do you guys have any good exercises? I’ve heard that wide stance leg presses pushing the knees out is good, what’s your take on this?

If you guys have any other recommendations it would be greatly apprichiated.

Close stance with more knee flexion (a lower foot position) = more quads.

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Close-stance goblet squats with elevated heels was what started pushing my VMO development.

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I have to keep up with this otherwise my knees get shitty. I really like goblet squats with a band around my knees, and those step up things, any direction when possible. A stair is decent, but seems like 2/3 the height of a normal stair is a little better.

Do you mean the dissected one or you wanna train it while still attached to the rest of your leg?

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I think you hit the VMO most when your legs are near the end of top of straight ending or extending your knee. Like Formerly mentioned, stuff like short step ups and moves where you pay close attention to your knee going straight off your toes.

Peterson Step Ups
Step Downs
Terminal Knee Extensions
Leg extension machine rigged up with bands for smooth resistance at the top

After you get them jumped off with easy stuff you should feel them working more in bigger moves like squats and leg presses.