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How to Train Twice a Week


I trained with un upper/lower split 3-4 times a week for 5-6 months. I had good mass gains, but from the next week, I can train only on Wednesday and Friday. I think to do two full body workouts, even though I don't like too much full body routine because arms, calves, upper back/posterior delts need more volume and some isolation exercises to grow fine for me as they are less developed than the others bodyparts. My goal is Hypertrophy:

Squat 3x6
lunges 2x10
Pull-up 3x8
Dumbbell row 3x8
Bench press 2x8
military press 3x8
Barbell curl 3x8
Calves 4x10-15
abs 3x15
Face-pull/reverse fly 2x12

Edit:"Sumo" Deadlift 3x5
Leg press 2x10
Chin up 3x6
Incline bench 3x6
Prone grip T-bar row 3x8
Seated Dumbell shoulder press 2x10
Parallel dip 3x8
Calves 5x10-15
abs 5x10
extrarotation 2x15

You can see there is some extra-sets(compared to a conventional full-body routine) for my lagging parts and maybe the total workout volume is a bit high. Is it a good idea for my purposes or it's just a useless hybrid workout??


Is this just for next week, or will this be for a prolonged period of time?


It's from the next week to the end of December


That short of a time you'll do just fine.

Best tip ever: throw away the shoulder presses and put variations of laterals on both days. You're doing inclines anyway and the pressing won't do jack. Laterals will give you more shoulder growth.

As for the rest, it looks pretty solid as far as being inclusive. Do you really need those rotations and face pulls at the end, ie did you find them helpful before? A lot of this is personal preference. I think that once you go through working out like this, you will be able to know for yourself what kind of substitutions or corrections you would like to make.


I'll put laterals istead of dumbbell push press on friday.
I had some rounded shoulder, now the situation is pretty fine, but I keep doing facepull/reverse fly and extarotation once a week just for healthy shoulder as I think they are useful for me(they help to fix my bad posture, and they make grow some posterior delts).
I wonder, in a long time vision is a good planning? You know, because of life tasks, going to gym only twice a week is often more comfortable.


If you're otherwise living an active lifestyle then yeah, you can do this pretty long term and get very good results. I did something similar for over a year while being on my feet all day doing labor type work. But if you're sedentary, the more workouts per week the better. Because it becomes too easy to gain fat and very tempting to become lazier (like, "I got my big ass workout so I don't have to do anything else" mentality).


Active lifestyle or not, I have not the time; maybe I'll do some extra-cardio on sunday if necessary. Isn't a greater energy expenditure one of the benefits of full body workout?
However, I hope that doing ten exercises per workout isn't a massacre :smiley:


Caloric expenditure is due to large movements, yes. But with only two workouts, it's neither here nor there, imo. It IS a massacre! :smiley: At least at first. But you get used to it in two weeks or so.