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How to Train to Hold a Person in the Air?



What exercises would be good for being able to "bear hug" someone for several minutes? Just hold them in the air for a while. And what muscle groups are heavily used?

Other than lifting a heavy bag, I don't know...

Thanks in advance,


Get stronger. Everywhere.

To get better at bear hugs, do some bear hugs.


Going to assume this is for Jits / Judo? Do some searches for routines using sandbags. They mimic the human body better than a heavy bag because of the shifting weight.


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Sounds like he is going to kidnap someone...have you been watching Pain and Gain?


Dead Lift, Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Pull Ups. Weird Question.


Well, I suppose if you want to hold a girl in your arms and bang her standing up, this is a great question...and a great position!

Focus on the main compound lifts and in addition to Mike's response include the barbell row.


"Well, I suppose if you want to hold a girl in your arms and bang her standing up, this is a great question...and a great position!"



In that case Zercher squats or anvil/stone carries for reps/distance would probably have the most carryover. Though, especially in this case, you never should discount the benefits of specificity. :wink:

In all seriousness though, I'm also curious as to what the OP's original purpose was for asking this question.




The main lifts as explained above, plus high-rep glute bridges, landmine twists, side planks, wheel rollouts, and back extensions. Work up to 3-4 sets of 25-50 reps. Also static holds on both the pec dec flye machine and incline cable flyes, 3-4 sets of 60-120 sec.

Or you can find a heavy friend who will let you hold them up in the air for several minutes.


Deadlift, Flye's and Rows


Zerchers with a 3 second pause at the top


You must Hug Russian Bears.


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Go get a sea bag and some playground sand (or go harvest your own if you live somewhere with a lot of sand around). Bag the sand and wrap it in duct tape to keep it from leaking. Make various sized 'bricks', kind of like the heroin and pot bricks you see on Cops and movies - this allows for adjustability. Or, just make a bunch of big bricks if you would rather go that route. Load them into the sea bag, close the top, and bear hug away. Loaded carries, bear hug/sumo squats, sumo deadlifts (straddle the bag, hug around it on the ground, and pick it up). Whatever you want to do with it. Should work perfectly for your intent.


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Steve Justa used a barrel and bear hugged it has part of his workout.


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