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How to Train & Supplement Questions

I’m a longtime lurker and decided to finally post and get some help. I’m new to lifting and want to get some advice on what supplements I should be taking and how I should be training. I’ve always been athletic, but getting a little softer as I get older. I’m wanting to add some strength and muscle. I’m 5’ 8", weigh 150 lbs and only have access to a Bowflex, so hopefully this will work to get me started.


Since you don’t know much about the process of adding muscle to your body, I will simplify it for you, but do NOT mistake ‘simplifying’ for ‘not efficient’ or ‘not good advice’. This will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Worry about:

  1. Eating
  2. Working out
  3. Sleeping

Do NOT worry about:

  1. Supplements
  2. Supplements
  3. Supplementing.

If you can eat, workout and sleep for many days(consistency is the point) in a row, you will absolutely not need any supplements. Supplements are supplementary. Supplements are the steps you take once you have the first 5 steps in order. I’m assuming, since you made this thread, you do not have the 5 prior steps in place, or even a vague idea of what those 5 steps are. Lets focus on those, then we can focus on supplementing once we get there.

Here is where you should start:

That would get your 1) of “Worry about” out of the way. Great!

Now you have to solve 2), which would be a good training program.

And lastly, and very under-valued, 3) which is sleeping. 7-8 hours is what you need to aim for. If you sleep any less, consistently, your body will simply not be able to add muscle. It will be too focused on operating under lack-of-sleep. That means your body will be stressed out, stressed out bodies do NOT add more muscle(aka more stress to the enviornment) in that type of situation. I hope I made that logical enough to follow.

Good luck!

Use the money you were going to spend on supps on a gym membership. Even just getting a barbell, some bumper plates, mats for the floor, a bench, and adjustable dumbbells would be a good start.