How to Train Lagging Bodyparts?

Hi, I’ve done a couple cycles of BBB, but I’m wondering how to train lagging bodyparts, those being my upper chest, rear delts and mainly my legs (particularly hamstrings). I haven’t been able to train legs properly for a while after injuring my knee but I’m getting my strength back now. Would it be a good idea for me to follow the “more squatting” template?

The periodization bible template is there for bodybuilding style stuff.

Or put in Incline bench as an assistance, 5x10 on bench or press day.

For hamstrings: Jim has talked about doing 50 Good Mornings or back raises before every training session.

Don’t worry about body parts - think movements done in a full range. So keep the four basic movements in (cleans can be a fifth option).

Assistance Work:

Back raises (or RH)
Ab work (variety)

Combine that with conditioning work, jumps/throws, mobility/flexibility, warm-up, diet/supplements, attitude, goal setting, recovery - you are good to go. If you believe in performance based training these things will lead to a better “you”.

Cool, thanks mate