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How to Train If You Don't Like Training Plans?

Christian you mantion you get best result with no training plan… how you than train on weekly j basic, go to gym and train as you feel or you have some plan in head for whole week?

I always have a structure. I don’t “wing it”.

First establish my goal for the next phase (mostly size, strength, fat loss, power or a combination of strength & size).

From there I decide what type of training I will be doing (pump/fatigue based bodybuilding, strength work, hybrid, etc.).

I select the training split I will be using

So from there I know what (which muscle(s) or movement pattern(s) I will train on any given day) as well as the general style of training. When training for strength I also know the one main lift per day I’ll be using.

The actual work being done (exercise selection, volume and special techniques if there are any) are selected on a daily basis based on mental state and gym performance. It’s not random stuff or things I feel like doing; there is a reason for everything.

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You have to know a lot if you’re going to go into the gym not knowing what you’re going to do. :smile:

I never know how busy the squat racks are going to be when I go into the gym, so I have a group of favorite leg exercises I use but in my plan it just says “legs.”

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