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How to Train for Physical Preparedness Test?

Hi Jim,
firstly I wanted to say thank you for your program and all the work you have put in answering questions.

In 8 months I will apply for Sport Science studies and there is a physical preparedness test, which consists of pull ups (max reps), standing long jump, 20 yard dash, 10x6 yard shuttle run, sit ups and 2 mile run. Hardest for me is a 2 mile run, because I can barely run 1 mile and time is terrible. However, all exercises need an great improvement.

It would be great if you could give me guidelines how to set up training to be strong, big (reasonably) and put up maximal results in test (the better results, the better chance getting scholarship, which is very important to me).

These are all things that should be in a good 5/3/1 program. Just go with a basic:

2-3 days/week:
Main work
Supplemental work
Bodyweight assistance

2-3 days per week:
Conditioning (sprints/prowler/sled/hills/miles/bike/vest/etc)

And you’ll be right.

Here’s how I would do it:

Drop all TM to 85%.
Run every other day (specific)
Lift two days/week - all emphasis on speed.
10 minute pull-up challenge one day/week. Sit-ups on days you lift (10 minute test)
Perform each running agility test, or a variation of each test 3 days/week.
NOTHING done to maximal or all out effort.

The majority of people who have some athletic ability can smash these tests; especially the ones that have a good, balanced training program. Just keep practicing the specific ones that you need help with - and yes, running is specific.

Jim, thanks for advice.