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How to Train for Non-Stop Muscle Growth


This is an excellent article. I have one question:

Christian emphasizes that every muscle should get hit twice per week for maximum growth, but the sample program he details in the article shows only one targeted per week. Am I missing something?

Monday: Pecs, upper back
Tuesday: Lower body, quad dominant
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
Friday: Off
Saturday: Back, lower body (posterior chain dominant)
Sunday: Off


It doesn’t need to be direct stimulation.

For example your pecs will receive some stimulation when training triceps if you do close-grip bench press. Even if you do quads dominant lower body exercises, the whole leg still does some work, the biceps are working when you train the back, the shoulders work when you train your chest.

So in the split above everything is hit directly or indirectly at least twice a week


I see what you mean.

Thank you for your response.