How to Train for Highland Games?

Hi all, I have a querey…I want to do the annual highland games that are here in red deer next yr, but I am unsure of how I would train for it, particularly for the caber toss. Any suggestions? Thx in advance.

There are a couple good threads on Highland Games training, do a site search for them. Dan John has written a few articles on it as well.

I’m doing one in June, can’t wait!

Red Deer? You an Alberta boy? PM me. I kind of run those games :slight_smile: Well, the heavy events side anyway.

Just pm’d you. Yup, alberta boy!

I’ve been competing in the highland games for about 10 years. The only way to get better at the events is to practice the events, so find someone else in your area with the implements and throw. You’ll get a thousand different answers about how to lift for highland games, my suggestion is to concentrate on squats, deads, overhead presses and oly lifts. Any type of Westside type routine will work fine. I’ve actually been using this program for the past month and making great gains

But I haven’t started throwing yet this year.

Also go over to You can prob find some guys near you to train with.