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How to Train for Bleep Test ?!?


Just ran. 1200s, 800s, 400s, and 300s. A ton of lunges, or duck walks as we called them, instead of coming up after the lunge you keep your hips low to the ground, agility work, 5 and 10km runs and a lot of sprint work. Thats without the gym work.
I would say once a month to do the test, it’s not gonna help to do it more often.


[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
^To really train specifically for it why not download the beep test and pratice running it once a week or something? People fail at increasing their pace while say running out side for 2km or 20 mins. It’s about pushing yourself. A lot of it is mental as well. I really pushed myself HARD to get a 9.5. I don’t think its great but I felt as if I proved myself mentally that I could do it.

Push yourself beyond comfort, the body is quick to recover.[/quote]

I agree, very much a mental battle and practicing the test will help with this. Practicing will also help familiarity of speeds each level, so pace and turning can all be practiced.

The test is quite difficult, I think there are only a couple females in the world to ever reach level 15, if those stats are even true.