How to Train as a Natural Lifter

Advanced Training Strategies

You’re right: A drug-free lifter can’t train like a juicer. Here’s why, plus an all-new workout program designed to maximize natural muscle growth.

A natural lifter can’t train like a steroid user and expect to get good results. It just won’t happen.

The workouts for steroid users — the set/rep schemes, the body-part splits, the methods — are all based on what works for “enhanced” lifters… and no one else.

To compound the problem, drug-using bodybuilders and trainers sell their own workouts to the public, promoting that what works for them also works for everyone else. Basic physiology puts the lie to that notion. They should know better (and some do).

The drug-free lifter’s capacity to tolerate training stress, and grow muscle, is highly dependent on the body’s natural hormones, especially testosterone, IGF-1, and cortisol.

In contrast, modern drug-using bodybuilders are walking around with as much as 80 times the androgens of a normal healthy man. Throw in the other performance-enhancing drugs also commonly taken, and the roid users completely change their physiology into a superhuman state.

This has an enormous impact on how their bodies respond to training — almost anything works for them — and there’s no honest way of denying it.

Stimulating More Protein Synthesis — Naturally

Protein synthesis is what builds muscle. How much muscle you build depends on how much protein synthesis occurs compared to the levels of muscle breakdown. This build-breakdown ratio is heavily influenced by hormones.

Enhanced lifters have a favorable build-breakdown ratio due to massive androgen levels. And unlike natural lifters, hard training and stress don’t negatively affect their hormonal advantage.

As a natural lifter, you must deal with normal, vulnerable physiology. You have to be smarter at utilizing training strategies for boosting protein synthesis. If workout intensity is dialed in properly, positive protein synthesis is elevated for 30 to 36 hours in the trained muscles.

It sounds silly, but enhanced lifters don’t even have to rely on workouts to trigger protein synthesis. Studies show that steroid users who don’t train can gain more muscle than natural people who do train.

Natural lifters can boost protein synthesis and keep it elevated by training each muscle group three times a week using a well-designed training strategy — giving them the maximum opportunity for building muscle.

The High Frequency, Low Volume, High-Intensity Solution

The natural lifter can get maximum protein synthesis through high-frequency training if the intensity is high enough and he properly manages the volume. This is exactly what the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters program is designed to do.

I’ve developed a tried and thoroughly tested advanced training system that keeps you building muscle — as long as you follow the program exactly as it’s outlined.

The system is built on three powerful pillars:

1. High Frequency

Each muscle group is trained three times a week, using a modified push/pull split for six workouts. Don’t worry, the sessions take less than 30 minutes to do.

2. Low Volume Maximal Intensity

Excessive muscle damage is prevented by limiting each exercise to 2 medium-intensity preparation sets, followed by 1 all-out high-intensity work set. The overall effect of the medium- and high-intensity volume produces maximum protein synthesis without impairing recovery and growth.

3. Planned Chaos

You have to keep the body sensitive to the training stimulus to continuously build muscle. This is done most effectively by routinely changing loading methods. This first program uses six of my most advanced training methods.

The system is complex and, at first, can be overwhelming. But once you understand the concepts and begin training, you’ll soon love the system. You’ll look forward to the workouts, and you’ll get addicted to the gains.

Are you ready?